Daniel Reiser Portrait

Hej, I am Daniel 👋

I am trying to solve problems through intelligent, elegant, and functional software.

I am born and raised in Stuttgart, currently living in Hamburg.

Over the last decade, I've worked on several amazing products. I am a software engineer with over ten years of professional experience. I love working with React and Angular, developing applications that scale and excite the user.

I recently joined the family business, strengthening the portfolio by creating amazing products together.

Besides my focus on frontend development, I am stoked about what AWS has to offer and how its services can be leveraged to create high-performing infrastructure setups. To round it all off and to stay true to my roots, I have a weakness for splendid UI/UX.

Besides working for clients, I am the founder of aerwork and the co-founder weddingtastic.

In my spare time, I am flying planes for fun cruising through the airspace of northern Germany.

Expertise & Skills

5+ Years Experience

Angular 2+

3+ Years Experience


2+ Years Experience

Amazon Web Services


Strong Fundamentals

JavaScript, Typescript, CSS/SCSS & semantic HTML

Testing Frameworks

Jest, Cypress & Jasmine with Karma


AXE, semantic Markup, evaluation & best practices

Infrastructure As Code

Terraform, Cloudformation, AWS CDK & Serverless Framework

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